JT Enterprises provides the most outstanding obtainable prize programs
in the industry that will motivate your students and increase participation!!
“Pirate’s Gold” is an accumulative prize program!
(The more you sell the more you earn.)
The first level starts at 1 item, so everyone that participates receives a prize!!
The top level is also obtainable, so many families can reach the Top of the chart and earn all of the prizes!!!

These motivating bonus prize program options are available at NO CHARGE with most programs!! Please call us for details.

THE T-REX BONUS PRIZE PROGRAM – Students are excited to reach into the T-Rex's mouth and receive collectible capsules with fun prizes!

LIMO LUNCH BONUS PACKAGE – Qualifying students will get to go to lunch in style in a Super Stretch Limousine!

COLLECTABLES BONUS – Collectables are characters that students will collect and trade. They earn them based on items sold starting at 1! These characters come on a zipper pull or key chain so the students can keep them for years!

MIDDLE SCHOOL PRIZE PROGRAMS – We also have very motivating prize programs available to motivate your middle school students. These follow a similar format to the Elementary Prize Programs above and also include very exciting Bonus Packages such as the Big Bash Bonus Package and the Pizza Party Bonus Package. Please call for more details on our motivating Middle School Prize Programs.

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