Our program is designed to be efficient, fun and profitable.
We go through many steps to make the program easy for you to run.

CREDIT/DEBIT- Instead of the old fashion way of paying for fundraising product with cash or checks parents now have the convenience of using their credit or debit cards.

CUSTOM ORDER FORM - JT provides a custom order form for your school. It includes who to make checks payable to, credit/debit card information, sale date and anything else you require on the order form. Plus it's two part so the parents have a copy for their records.

STUDENT PACKETS- We prepare the student packets for you. Your student packets will be pre-sorted for you according to teacher, with the appropriate number of packets for each classroom. Each student receives a large student envelope containing the product brochures, the prize information and a very informative PARENT LETTER. This Parent Letter gives the parents all of the important information concerning the fundraiser, such as when the order forms are due back to school, when to collect the money, and when the products will be delivered to school.

KICK-OFF ASSEMBLY- We come out and provide a very exciting Kick-Off Assembly. At the assembly we explain the program to all of the students, showing them the products and all of the exciting prizes they can earn. We also talk about the safety of fundraising. At JT Enterprises, we do not encourage door-to-door selling. We feel that fundraising needs to be done with family, friends, co-workers, and nearby neighbors that we know. We think it is very important for the children to know this, so it is a very important part of the Kick-Off Assembly.

PICK-UP AND TALLY ORDERS- After the orders come back to school, the sponsor reconciles them and simply puts them into their teachers' large classroom envelope, which is provided by us. JT Enterprises will then come back to your school, pick up the classroom envelopes, and take them back to our offices in Wichita where we will tally and enter your orders. Then we'll e-mail you in a few days to let you know what your sales and profits are. Please note that out of town schools will be provided a box and UPS label to return their orders. Also with JT Enterprises, late orders are never a problem! You can turn in orders for as long as you wish, and there is never any additional cost to fill those orders!

ORGANIZED DELIVERY- After we properly pack your orders, we deliver them to your School using our trucks and our Employees! We even call several weeks in advance to set up the exact date and time of the delivery. Frozen deliveries require a distribution area like the cafeteria and a few volunteers from the school. Non frozen deliveries don't require a distribution and can be delivered directly to the classroom with little or no help from the school.

TIMLEY PRODUCT REPLACEMENT- If anything needs to be replaced for any reason, JT Enterprises in most cases, will deliver or ship your replacement product to your school within a couple days. Out of town schools with frozen products may take a little longer. The item will also be clearly labeled in a bag so that you know directly to whom it belongs.

OPTIONAL HOME DELIVERY PROGRAM - Your out of town customers can shop a wide selection of fundraising products on the internet. This will be very convenient for families and will enable your organization to make even more money! Items purchased here will be shipped directly to your customers' home.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- We will replace the item or refund your money on all merchandise for any reason. We will also pick up and give you credit on all returns.

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